Our Story

Cornerstone for Recovery was created to provide individuals in recovery with a unique sober living and community experience. We believe in the vital necessity of comprehensive care, and we've partnered with premier treatment and community service providers to close the gap between getting sober, and living sober. How do we do it? By establishing our residences around a set of uncompromising principles and goals:


We believe that a structured, comfortable, sophisticated environment is vital to aiding individuals in the early phases of addiction recovery. It's not just a place to live... it's a place to learn to live again.


Each Cornerstoner Recovery Residence is strategically located in close proximity to employment, transportation and community and recovery resources, because getting sober is about Life, and Life is Complex


Recovery is the ultimate aim and focus of all of our programs. We aim to create and foster an environment conducive to radical, holistic life changes. And we don't take that responsibility lightly.

About the Founders:

Ryan Carmody
I came to Lancaster County in 2011 for a second chance, and I owe my life to the unity, recovery and service I was exposed to here. By helping and being helped I came alive again, and the drive to give back was born. We identified the principles that form the cornerstone of lifelong sobriety, and with the help of friends and colleagues, we opened our inaugural men's recovery residence in 2017. It's working, and we're thrilled to partner with providers throughout the country to give people a real chance at revitalizing their lives.
Ray Newlin
"I’m a lifelong resident of Lancaster PA. I was born and raised here and I’ve seen the effects of addiction first hand. My family life was fraught with early hardships, from my mother dying when I was young to a father who struggled with alcoholism. I had my own demons, addictions, and challenges too. Cornerstone is a labor of love for me. It was the deaths of two close friends that compelled me to manifest this vision: that nobody in Lancaster who seeks recovery need die in the street, away from family, shut out and cut off from a life of meaning and purpose.
Megan Newlin

Megan is the glue that holds cornerstone for recovery together. As director of admissions, she serves a vital operational and programmatic role in qualifying candidates and program participants, aligning them with appropriate resources and accommodations, and supporting the success of our entire organization. Her compassion and expertise is unrivaled in the recovery resources industry, and she's happy to speak with anyone in need. Reach out to her directly at (717)-333-8622 for any questions about our programs, services or residences, or email her through the link below.