Cornerstone for Recovery

Cornerstone for Recovery is the premier provider of Recovery Residences in Lancaster PA. Our mission is to provide exceptional services to individuals recovering from the disease of addiction. To edcuate, empower and aid them in the transformations necessary to bring about lifelong, holistic recovery.

We've Reimagined Sober Living

Cornerstone for Recovery offers safe and highly structured Recovery houses. We aim to foster a healing environment for those who struggle with the disease of addiction. Residents begin the process of transitioning back into society while developing the necessary skills to live a clean and sober life. Our goal is for residents to become self-sufficient with their everyday needs and establish healthy bonds with one another.


Recovery is the core focus of our program. Cornerstone's residences are havens for men and women seeking real change. We believe in working together with other service and resource providers to offer our residents the best chance at achieving and maintaining optimal wellness and recovery.


Premier recovery resources are about more than just having a roof over your head. Our programs are built on Unity. Residents communicate, collaborate and integrate into society together. They share house responsibilities and hold each other accountable. Because nobody recovers alone.


"Brotherhood in Recovery" is the spiritual and programmatic vision at Cornerstone. Our mission is to provide recovery houses that bring men and women together in unity and sobriety. Our housing program is structured to support this vision... to create lasting bonds between residents.

Destination: Recovery

Rich in history and culture, Lancaster County is the center of one of the region's largest, most active addiction recovery communities. Cornerstone rests conveniently in the center of Lancaster City proper: directly accessible by public transportation, and surrounded by employment opportunities and resources, artistic and social events and experiences, and of course... Addiction Treatment Services & Recovery Communities of all types.

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